Friday, November 6, 2009


Do, do, do….strolling along, everything is going fine and BAM! people start going crazy.

Somehow “no international shipping” translated into “I’ll ship to Taiwan and Japan”

Somehow “PayPal payment expected within 48 hrs of auction end” translated into “I accept checks, and wait to ask me about my address until after the 48 hrs has passed”.

Then after buying a jillion things on EBay, 2 people decide to take my money, keep the item and one decided to resell the item.

What the HELL is this about? I’ve never had any problems with EBay buyers and sellers until this last month.

Then when you try to get these people to follow your policies and the policies of EBay and PayPal they act like you are the bad guy.

I won’t even go into fees. Please.

Just send me my stuff if I bought from you and if you buy from me then PAY ME! It’s not rocket science!

Gosh, that feels a little bit better. Not much, but a little.

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