Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Photos

Why not? Random thoughts, random photos.

I love taking pictures and have since I was old enough to hold a camera.

Friday, January 30, 2009


It's kinda odd how the regular mailman always rings the bell and gives me my packages. Except.....

when the package is jacked up and ripped opened, the fill-in mailman throws it on the porch and runs.


Okay, for whatever reason, I haven't watched videos on TV in years. About a month ago I started watching VH1 in the mornings. I'm loving it. Even jumping around a little. Notice I didn't say dancing. It's doing me a little good I think. Better than nothing I figure.

Let me tell you something that I love about the internet. How fantastic is it that when the video comes on and I still don't know the words, that I can hurry up and ask the internet for the lyrics and before the song is half over I am singing (some may say screaming) the lyrics. COOL! I love it!

Okay, my favorite songs:

I don't care.....The Fall Out Boys

Love Story...Taylor Swift

Put a Ring on it....Beyonce


Human....The Killers

That's just a few that I knew the names. I actually get more done with the videos on. After I am more familiar with the video, I won't stare at the TV as much.

But where are the music videos after 10? I have to resort back to Law and Order reruns for background noise. Not too bad, but a little dull after bouncing around for a while.