Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do you pick out the WORMS?

Everyone gives me the hardest time for this one. I pick the worms out of eggs. Alright, if you know what I am talking about right off the bat, then you should probably be picking them out also.

You know, it's that big glob of umbilical cord attached to the yolk. GROSS!

So, do you pick out the worms?


Justine said...

That ropey thing is called a chalaza. It breaks down as the egg ages. The fresher the egg the thicker the chalaza. Good Ole' Alton Brown gives a great talk on Egg Anatomy on an episode of his show.

He runs eggs through a screen sieve to the get the icky things out. :)

Mary's Madness said...

Very good Justine! I'm going to check that out! I also need to get myself a sieve! Sometimes after picking out 5 or 6 "worms", I'm so grossed out that I don't want to eat!

So tell us Justine, do you pick out the worms?