Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where are our manners?

So we go out to eat tonight and I have to listen to everyone blowing their noses while I'm trying to swallow. Now I know that 99.9% of you don't really know me, but I can deal with a lot. The only things that really make me nauseated are large messy road kills and bodily functions. Phlegm in particular.

So, I get home and send an email to my local news station. Hey, I have to get it off my chest. I suggest to them that they have a 2 minute spot each week on manners.

Don't blow your nose at the dinner table, whether you are at home or in a restaurant.
Hold the door open for the next guy.
Say thank you and you're welcome.

You know these are really the simple and easiest ones for everyone to remember, yet they seem to be the hardest.

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Pat Winter said...

I agree. I avoid restaurants whenever possible for that reason. I also can't stand the coughing and not even attempting to cover your mouth or turn away from people. Argh!